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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mixed set design

Victorian Home
After years of silence, a new model emerges.  Due to rusty CAD skills, construction plans will be forth coming.

This design was created from a set #4, plus an extension set #4a, and a starter set (Heinzelmannchen).  I found this combination of sets to be ideal for the small collector.

I started my Anchor Stone collection with a set #6 and have since expanded to set #16.  It's nice building larger structures, but missed the days of building small models.  I've played with the Heinzelmannchen set for a while, but there's only so much you can build using a starter set.  It's very difficult to create a building using a set that small.  I found I needed at least a set #6.

Victorian Home
Instead of filtering out my set #6 stones from my set #16 collection.  I decided to start a new collection.  I purchased set #4 and it's expansion box #4a from Anchor Stone at euroSource.  Purchasing set #4 and it's expansion #4a costs significantly more than just buying a set #6.  However, I wanted the smaller sized box for storing the stones.

I started rebuilding some of my old set #6 designs, but then noticed the Heinzelmannchen set.  It comes in the same sized box as a set #4 and the #4a expansion.  Why not combine all three boxes and see what happens?  What I found was a perfect mix of blocks!

The Heinzelmannchen blocks compliments a set #4 + #4a perfectly.  In particular, the 21R blocks made construction of the tower in this design elegant.  The three smaller boxes combined give enough blocks to construct some basic buildings yet still offer a complete minimal collection.


Sunday, April 1, 2012


This tower was constructed using set #6.  It's been sitting in my draft folder for over a year.  Looks like I forgot to publish.  Opps...

I hope you enjoy the build!

Friday, March 30, 2012

New Look

Google is continuously upgrading their products and services.  In a few days, Google will be integrating Boggler with Google+.  I decided to take this opportunity to give this site a new look.

What do you think?

Thursday, March 29, 2012


I keep a box of Kliene Gernegroß blocks on my desk at work. The simple models provide a good distraction and decorate my desk well.

Here's a slight variation of the g_12 model.