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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

8_4 (church)

Does this model look familiar? It's a redesign of the last model found in book #6.

It's really a set #8 design. Richter books often entice readers with a final model that can be built when the next block set is purchased. It's that teasing which prompted me to create my own designs.

I hope you enjoy building these models as much as I like creating them. I only wish I had more time to play.

In other news, I see the factory is producing new Ankerstein sets. The new Märchenkasten set appears to be marketed towards young children. Well, I suppose all Ankerstein building sets are geared towards children. Some of us just happen to be a little older. I've only seen an image of what these new sets look like. Anyone care to comment?

My first impression was that the block assortment is a bit odd. The block sets also include a few wooden pieces, but I have no idea what these wooden bricks(?) look like. The set includes what appears to be a nursery book of fables. Very cute!

This got me to thinking. If I was to design my own block set given a limited box size, what block assortment would I choose? For added challenge, make the box size be that of a set #4. I've not compiled a complete assortment, but I would have a mix of #1, #3, #4, #5 followed by #15, #17, #19, and #31. I would round out the selection with #110 and #112/113 arches and sufficient #208 and #210 roof tiles. Although I do not use pillars much, I would include four #181 pillars.

My assortment sounds similar to what you get in set #4 and the Heinzelmännchen set, but in those sets, you don't get any #3 or #17 blocks. I always felt that was a missing element in those sets. From what I can see, that issue has been addressed with the Märchenkasten. I not only look at Anchor Stones as building blocks. I like them for their Mathematical properties. One of the things my kids like to do with the blocks is pack them in various ways. Many of their structures consist of building a larger cube from blocks availible. I always found this an interesting project for them. Building cubes from #3 and #17 blocks posed no challenge for them, which made me wonder why these blocks (I call them thirds) were left out of the children's sets.

Another idea would be to creae a large mini set (ala Kleine Gernegross). The block assortment would closely follow that of set #8 but using the smaller scale of a KG set. One could probably get close to the assortment of set #16 in mini scale to fit within a single set #4 box size. Due to the number of blocks, the set might cost upward four times that of a set #4. However assortment wise, you would have something close to eight times the size of set #4. Smaller caliber blocks are harder to build with due to their size, but they're nice in that they take up far less space. It'd be interesting as a special limited edition.