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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

10_2 (church)

Here's a redesign of the 10_1 model. It's built using set #10. The structure is similar, but there's been some improvements.

The lower roof is more consistent and less cluttered. The upper roof is different too. The lower windows make use of pillars (nice effect), and the ridiculously large rear circular window now has a more appropriately scaled replacement. This church is not as tall, but it's slightly larger inside.

The downside is this church is more plain in appearance. My recommendation is to build both and decide which is preferred. One more thing: This church uses all the blocks in the set! A very nice accomplishment for a set #10 design.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


After a long break, a new model has emerged. Last spring a new box of Ankerstones was purchased from George Hardy. Which brings my collection to set #12. And with that, I present my first set #12 model.

This model was started with the ambitious goal of using all the stones in the box. Alas, I failed in the task, but I'm quite happy with the result. When finished, there were four stones left. Four tiny stones. They could have been packed within the structure. Used to fill a hollow cavity, or embellished the outside just a little more. However, there comes a time when a construction is complete. And about that goal of using all the stones? Well, that can be a challenge for another day.

Because this is a larger model, a modular construction technique similar to that seen in the 8_5 design was used. The tower was created first. It's a building by itself. The roof of the main building was done next. An arcade was created to support the roof. Then a facade was wrapped around the structure. The front being separate from the rest. All these pieces were created symmetric in design. Keeping things symmetric made the design phase easier.

Here are the plans for this construction. The images are rather small, but hopefully large enough to see. Use caution when constructing the tower. The stones are small and must be placed correctly. Also, the roof in the peak is hollow. Blocks were used sparingly to make the construction as large as possible. The model stands about 20" tall.

This is a fine construction that will take some time, and a steady hand. Four blocks in set #12 are unused. What are they?