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Hello, my name is William Seppeler.  Welcome to my Anchor Stone blog.

I'm relatively new to Anchor Stones. My collection started in 2007 with set 6 and have since expanded to set 12 (ie: 6 + 6a + 8a + 10a). I've also played with the Kleine Gernegroß and Heinzelmännchen sets. Each set came with a small instruction book of several models that could be created. While these models were fun to build, I wish there were more.

I began building my own creations using inspiration from the supplied books and other resources found on the internet. I've been trying to document my constructions for some time. It's a continual work in progress. This blog is a means for me to share my work with others. Enjoy, and feel free to leave a comment.

NOTE:  The models were created and rendered using AnkerCAD with a little help from the GIMP.  I encourage readers to leave a link to photos they take of these constructions.

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