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Saturday, March 7, 2009

10_1 (church)

Today is my birthday. As gift, I present this church made from a set #10. It resembles the 6_8 model, but larger. Note the detail in the roof trim. Constructing this model can be tricky, so be sure to pay attention to the construction plans.

One interesting thing about this model is the placement of rafters to support the roof. A single 22R stone supports the whole roof. I could have used more rafters, but I liked the openness of using less stones to accomplish the job. Structurally, it's very sound. The church cavity is hollow right up to the roof. Even the bell tower has a hollow cavity that leads straight down into the church.

A set #10 might (still) be considered a small collection to most hobbyists, but it's large enough to construct some pretty nice models. The inspiration for this model came from the photos seen on George Hardy's e-zine this month. Thank you George for providing the fuel to inspire builders like myself. In turn, I hope the designs I create can inspire others.

Here are the building plans. The isometric perspective makes it hard to see the correct size stones being used. Look for the 29R stones in the roof trim layer as well as the 29G stones being used near the crosses at the front of the church. This design doesn't use any 21R stones (there's two of them), so feel free to use one as a spacer in the doorway while the model is being built.

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