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Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Here's another tower design for the Gernegross set. There's no door into the structure. Maybe it's a prison. Be careful when constructing the roof. It's easier to construct the roof on a flat surface, then lift it all at once to place it on the tower.

Here's a GIF animation of the build in progress.


NoKas said...

I am confused about the red piece under the arch. It does not look like a piece that is in the Gernegross set.

releppes said...

There are four #72R blocks in the Gernegross set. One is on top of the structure, two are holding the arch up, and the third is under the arch.

The two squares on the front of the structure are #34R blocks flanked by #72G blocks.

Thanks for visiting the site.

NoKas said...


Thank you for getting back to me. I am brand new to Anchor Stones and the Gernegross set is my first. Chris from has been very helpful and a Heinzelmannchen set is on the way. Your blog is terrific and I look forward to contributing to it.

My statement was not well phrased. I was actually referring to the piece holding up the arch. I am just getting used to the piece number nomenclature but it looks like a #4R (in miniature of course). The Gernegross set does not have one. When I get a chance I'll take another try at g23.

Regards. ;-norm

releppes said...

Ahhh, I understand the question now...take a look at the animated GIF I just posted...I don't want to spoil the secret ;)

And sorry about the block numbering. I was using the mini caliber block numbers which can be confusing.

BTW: Welcome to your new hobby! Playing with blocks may seem awful childish. Especially with these simple constructions, but I find it relaxing.

NoKas said...

Whoa, you scamp -- I never would have guessed.

Thanks. ;-norm