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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Is it a church or a school? Having a good imagination is a wonderful thing. This simple construction was built with a Heinzelmannchen set.


Patricia said...

Thank you for blogging about Ankersteine. I have been a fan for many years. Here is one of the buildings that I have constructed. I just took it down and made another out of the # 10 booklet. I am on the hunt for a reasonably priced 10A and hope that it will come my way soon. Looking forward to many more posts.

releppes said...

From my searching, I've found the following places to stock Anchor Stones (in the US):

and of course you can always purchase from:

The ConstructionToys site is pretty expensive, but they sell many nice things.

I've done two orders from EuroToyShop and both times I've received damaged goods. Maybe I've just been unlucky, but I would not recommend EuroToyShop. Also, their prices are very expensive. They have a moderate price for a set #6, but expansion set prices are overpriced in my opinion. $208 for a set #10A (normal price is $265!).

I've not ordered from Chris at TheToyHouse before, but he seems to have a great reputation and his prices are very good. For a set #10A, it's only $175.

There is one cheaper place I've seen, and that's I remember their prices were cheap back in 2007. Back then, when I inquired about making an order, they told me they no longer sell Anchor Stones. Since then, I've seen the web site get updated at least once. To be honest, I really know if they are selling or not. I wish I knew more about the site and the owner, because I like many things in their e-store.

George at his monthly ezine sells some sets on the side. It's not his main business. His prices tend to be higher than Chris, but George is a very nice man. For no particular reason, he's been very generous to me.

Hope some of that helps!

BTW: I'm hoping to expand my collection with a #10A too! said...

To releppes -- sorry your shipments arrived damaged. We at will certainly do everything we can to make sure you are a satisfied customer. All our shipments are insured and we can also replace stones you have that are damaged. Please visit our site and the "Contact Us" page if you need assistance. Again, please accept our apologies.

Randy Hertzler - President

releppes said...

I wish to clarify the comments I made about euroToyShop.

As a merchant, euroToyShop was prompt with service. Making a purchase was quick and easy through their on-line shopping cart. The prices are high, but so are ConstructionToys prices. Both sites operate as legitimate businesses, and both will accept credit card purchases. That may justify the premium cost structure.

Randy, from euroToyShop, has contacted me in efforts to resolve the issues experienced with my previous purchases. They do have genuine concern about customer satisfaction.

To be fair, my complaints were minimal and should not be taken too serious by perspective customers. I did not seek compensation from euroToyShop for the damages. They were that trivial!

Saying that, I wish to rescind my comment about not recommending them as a merchant. It was harsh of me to make such comments and I certainly hope it didn't affect their customer flow. They are a family owned and operated business, and I wish them well in their continued operations.