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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

6_5 (church)

Many moons ago, I made several churches for set #6. Some of them were published by Burkard Shultz. He does such great work producing official looking plans. Today I decided to give one of those churches a makeover.

I borrowed ideas from several designs as well as the Dorfkirche St. Virgil by Peter Wierer (I like the back of his church).

This is a design for set #6.


NoKas said...

I built this a couple of weeks ago. A terrific design. After having built several other designs in the last couple of weeks I can tell you that there is something pleasing and distinct about your designs.

Thanks. ;-norm

releppes said...

This design looks similar to the first church in the EU046.pdf document, but the build should be more pleasing.

I've been meaning to improve on many of my older designs. Some of them, I think, were not very good. I've been trying to post only my best models. A construction that "makes sense", if you know what I mean.

I really appreciate your comments about the designs. It takes a long time for me to create them. In fact, this last design took several days. I would start a new construction, then get frustrated and put the blocks away. Eventually, I'll turn one of those frustrations into an decent looking design. Lots of trial and error.

bobosse said...

Very neat design indeed!

I must say your blog is invaluable for finding wonderful yet small builds - with two small kids it's hard to find time for larger projects...

I spent some time last night creating Set 6 in Google SketchUp - is that something you have tried? With my SketchUp-box I had to try to build something, and I can report that your 6_5 Church was a great build also on the computer!

Here is a link to some pictures and a step-by-step building instruction video:

I hope it's OK; if you don't want me to use your designs just let me know.

So, no photos, but at least some images!



bobosse said...


Here's the link (I hope):

bobosse said...

That was probably the last time I tried using Picasa.

Luckily, there is Flickr:

6_5 Church renderings in SketchUp

Three comments just to provide that one link? Oh well.

As I said, I hope it's OK that I put your designs online.

I'll see during this weekend - perhaps there will be time for that 6_6 Church as well...

releppes said...

Great job bobosse! Those are some really nice images. Can you do layer plans with Google SketchUp? Meaning, can you (easily) do a top down view of each layer? If so, I'll definitely have to look into Google SketchUp.

As for the designs, I don't mind you using them. They're free (as in beer). Do with them as you please. If you'd like the AnkerCAD files, just ask.

releppes said...

Holly smokes bobosse!

I just saw the Google Sketch animation you did with this model. It's awesome! Very nice indeed.

You do some really nice work.

bobosse said...

Well, I haven't been doing that much, really. If you combine your designs, SketchUp's great software, and my SketchUp model of Set #6 (made with help from Anker's Steinkatalog) then it really is a walk in the park.

Without the lovely scent of linseed oil, though. :-)

By the way, I'll be collecting the SketchUp images at this page on Flickr.

Regarding the AnkerCAD-files, thanks but I won't use them. I simply don't have enough patience to get over the first huge usability hurdle in the AnkerCAD software. Besides, your images do the trick!

I really think you should try out SketchUp; after reading somewhere about the tedious process for creating the images, I'm sure you'll love it!


bobosse said...

Oh, and about the top down view of the layers: yes, it's possible but I don't know of any easy way to "dim out" previous layers and highlight the most recent one.

I hope that makes sense; I'll put an illustration of what I mean on Flickr.

Guido Weißhahn said...


I just purchased a set #6, my first anchor set. My sons and I (even with help from my lovely wife) built some historic models from the booklet in the set. Then we found your site and the models published by Burkhard Schulz. Your constructions are amazing. Using the rather small selection of stones from #6, you have created buildings that are detailed and compact at the same time, and are great fun to build. We especially like the churches, the light house and the factory. We will place some photos on our homepage later and send a link. My wife is going to get us #6A for Christmas, so please keep up the wonderful construction work you do. Best regards, Guido form Dresden, Germany

William Seppeler said...

Guido, thank you so much for the kind words. It's been some time since I've created anything new. It's comments like yours that provide the motivation. Christmas is a long ways off, perhaps the extra set 6 designs will bide the time. When you're 6a box arrives, you'll have to attempt the 8_3(tower) design. It's tricky, but one of my favorites.

Guido Weißhahn said...

Thank you for the suggestion, William! I am sure we will take up the challenge in the days after Christmas. Here is the link to the three churches pics, I am still figuring out a better way for the lighting.