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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

8_2 (school)

This school house was constructed using set 8. Note the placement of stones and how they overlap.

Careful placement can compensate for irregularities in stone size. Thus creating a more stable structure. George Hardy mentioned this in his monthly e-zine this month.

In this model, I payed special attention to stone placement. I didn't want any cracks in the structure. The end result is not only a stable construction, but a model with visual appeal.


Bloefeld said...

It was a fun little building to build and I really enjoyed the layering. I did have some issues with some wobbliness at the base of the tower because the 4g kept dropping 1-2mm through the hole created by the pair of 100r's.

I sent some pics to you via email.

releppes said...

Thanks for the feedback Bloefeld. I updated the plans to fix the problem area.