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Friday, March 12, 2010

12_2 (castle)

This is a tale of two towers, and the bridge that connects them. The design requires set 12 to build.

Note the trickery in the roof tiles(262/265) of the red tower. Lots of detail was used throughout the construction giving it a nice view from all angles. This model should provide a nice challenge to the aspiring Ankerstein builder.

The plans for this construction may be difficult to follow. Consider it a challenge. If the plans are missing any detail, please let me know.

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releppes said...

Before attempting to build this design, know that the plans did not render correctly in AnkerCAD. This makes the plans look far more complicated than it is. I tried to correct the problem by rotating the model slightly before taking a snapshots, but it didn't work. So let me give a few hints.

1) All the stones line up evening. There are no odd placements. Just keep this in mind while building.

2) The trickery in how two peaks appear to be joined. Where one might expect to see a 265 corner stone, two 262 stones take it's place.

3) The trickery in the placement of the 262/265 stones is amplified by AnkerCAD refusing to render the blocks correctly. The render issue is where two 15R stones (stacked on top of three 17R stones) butt up against the corner of the larger peak. In the first layer of 265/262 stones, two 15R stones sitting on top of three 17R stones butt up against a corner formed by two 262 stones. AnkerCAD makes it look like one of the 262 stones is cut in half (or lying down). This is not the case. If the corner is done correctly, the slope of the roof will exactly match the offset formed by the two 15R and 17R stones. The blocks really do match up exactly. You'll know it when it's done right.

4) The most tricky part of the model is the tiny protruding window which sits under the smaller peak in the red tower. Due to the offset caused by the merging peaks, the window does not appear to line up exactly with rest of the tower. Here's a hint: The bulging window itself consists of four 17R, a 31R, and two 69R. You can build the window by itself and set it aside. You'll know if the window is built correctly if the back corner (the size of a 28R) is missing. It's that missing corner is how it fits against the rest of the structure. However, because of the slight offset caused in the peaks, two 69R stones (stacked long on top of each other) make up for that offset.

I wish I could fix AnkerCAD to render the plans correctly, but I've given up. The plans don't show it, but the blocks do mesh together to give the illusion of two peaks joined together. Along with red trim which appears to merge into the larger peak. It's a nice effect and adds to the overall appearance of the model.