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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


This arch was created using set #4. It's a variation of several arches available in the book (that accompanies the set).

Given more blocks, a builder could someday turn this design into a small castle.


Alan said...

What a lovely design!

I especially like the insets.

[click here for photo]

releppes said...

Thank you!

I'm finding that creating (new) designs for set #4 is difficult. Almost every thing I create resembles at least two or three other models already in book #4.

After I built this arch, I browsed book #4 and found at least four other designs using the three arches side by side with pillars in the front. In those regards, my design is not very original.

I too liked the inset design above the smaller arches. It almost makes the whole model.

Thank you for the photo link. It's very nice indeed. When George runs low on material for his monthly ezine, he should do a feature of all these great photos you're taking.

Alan said...

Well, to a builder's eye, it looked like it would build differently. :)

I've probably built everything in the #6 book at least twice, and when I build a design I've built before, I know it, even if it has been a couple of years. Sometimes that is good, sometimes it isn't.

In theory, my memory isn't that good, and I can even go back & find pictures sometimes, and not remember the actual building or the photography - but I recognize the picture and my fingers seem to remember putting the same blocks i the same places.

Even a similar looking model won't feel that way, if the blocks are used differently.

I had fun with this one, and fun with the photography, but I am not happy with the multiple shadows - I was trying to light get the 69G stones to show, and lost track of the shadows around the 210R insets.

Ah well, more for next time.

Eventually I will find my tripod and light stand, and have a little better control.

releppes said...

I liked the shadows in the photo you took. It gives the model depth, unlike how my CAD images make the model look.

The #69G stones do tend to get a little lost, but one can tell they're windows in your photo. I'm glad you were able to see those stones from my CAD drawing.