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Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Here's a church design for the Gernegross set. 2D designs are not as interesting as 3D models, but they're a great place to start for new builders. No design plans needed.

NOTE: This design has been corrected from it's initial posting.

Updated (7/10): Sometimes I just can't leave a design alone. Here's the same church using all the blocks in the box...make that two alternative designs. Vote for your favorite today!


Alan said...

I seem to have run into a block shortage building this. I used a sandwich pair of 19r for the base of the cross, to save the pair of 1r for the camponile, which left me lacking for the camponile roof.

Substituting a pair of 208g seemed to work okay, and I was happy with the results & the beach outing they were part of.

Photographs here.

Best regards,


releppes said...

Ahhh, you got to my post before I correct it :)

I constructed this model a few days ago and did the CAD drawing from memory. As I did the drawing, I kept counting blocks and thinking something was wrong. The two 34R blocks below the 124R block aren't suppose to be there (at least that's how I initially built it).

Another alternative is to construct the model as you did, but leave out the 72R block at the base (ie: the step). You would use the 72R block for the base of the cross. Although this alternative produces a slightly taller model, it would imply a "hint" was needed. Either way, I like the simplicity of the model.

Thanks for the comments!

releppes said...

I created an alternative design for this church that uses all the blocks. I haven't decided which I like better.

Alan said...

fun :)

i think i like the second one better

do you have a real-world inspiration for the hat-brimmed campanile?

that just looks odd to me, and a google image search on "campanile" doesn't turn up any examples while reinforcing my mental image

but maybe if it has the hat-brim it is no longer a campanile and it is my fault for tying to push it into the wrong framework

whatever, the skinnier shape for the tower does appeal to me more, and i miss the entry step in the second design - perhaps you could try for a third design?

my structure turned out to be leaning backwards enough that by the time i got to the top i just wanted to finish and keep my hands away

otherwise i might have played with the order of the tower a bit more

you can sort of see the misalignment between tower and horizon in my photographs here [i seem to have managed to mess up the photo link in my first comment here]


releppes said...

My thoughts were a bell tower at the top of the church. As to the hat brimmed look, I didn't model it after anything in particular. There are no 288B stones available in the KG set, so I substituted a gable roof. In general, I like the look of roof trim, so that would explain the brim.

I left the entry step out of the second version of the design, however it's easy to put it back and still keep the exact look of the building. In the second design, I used two 72R stones for the base of the cross (one stacked in front of the other). However, you only need one stone to give the appearance. You can use the extra 72R stone as a front step.

I choose the simpler approach to keep the design looking clean. It avoids a cavity at the back of the structure, so the model can look nice from the front or the back. Not a real good reason, but that was my rationale.

I like the second church design better as well. If I cut a new PDF, I'll likely replace the first design with the second. That same goes with this church model.

releppes said...

OK Alan, you made me do it! I posted a third addition of this model.

Alan said...


I really like the new design - a better solution to the porch step and lowers the porch pediment so the cross is unobstructed.

The lack of a 288 bothered me early on, so I made a substitute, but have ended up not using it much, since it doesn't fit in the box and your designs have made it less needed.

releppes said...

Yes, I do tend to stick strictly to stones within a set. Even when I free form build, I always build (or plan to build) within a predefined set.

One of the things that always bothered me about some of the designs you can download from the internet is you find a lot of crazy set #6 + set #8 designs, or double set #6 designs, or some other odd ball combinations.

I try to design towards a set that someone might actually have. My goal is not (only) to create a nice looking designs. My primary goal is to have designs that other people can build. I'd like my designs to serve as a nice compliment to a set someone might actually own.

At the moment, my focus has been the HM set. That all started because Burkhard Shultz asked if I could create some models because not many existed for that set. You can thank Burkhard for prompting me into creating this site and sharing my work. You can also thank him for sending me the free sets. Without his generosity, my motivation would have waned long ago.

I've done a lot with the KG set because I was given one for free, and I liked to play with it (at first I didn't like it, but now I do, I wish I had a KG expansion set...if it existed).

I'd like to start publishing my set #6 designs. I have about 20 of them. That's the main set most people would likely start with, so I'd like to put my focus there.

However I'd like to do justice to set #4 as well. I've not created any set #4 designs and I really think I should. Like the HM set, I think set #4 has a lot of promise. I think many people shy away from purchasing a set #4 because the thought being there's not much to do with it. I'd like to change that mentality if I can.

In general, I do create these designs for others to enjoy. I wish more people left comments on this site. I think You (Alan) may be the only visitor. I'm glad you put my designs to use. That alone keeps me going.

Alan said...

There are more visitors than just me. :)

Not many visitors leave comments.

The advertising links on my blog pages make me very little money, but do give me a crude measure of interest in the records provided, which includes nonpaying clicks as well as those that pay.

It would seem I get some visitors from search engines, some are tracking my site & visit when there is a new post, but there is a bigger surge when I comment here and give a link to one of my pages.