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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some designs never make it to this blog. They get created, then destroyed. I generally share (what I feel) are my best work.

In a previous post, I shared a design which I felt was not one of my better works. To my surprise, an avid reader expressed his appreciation of the design calling it one of my best. I'm deeply honored by his comments (thank you Alan).

As a follow-up, I'm posting a design which I did not intend to add to this blog. I created this model last night, then dismantled it. After reading Alan's comments, I decided to recreate the model from memory. Here it is Alan. A tribute and brain teaser for You to work on.

NOTE: The 210 + (2)69 + 31 arrangement replaces the 210 block on top of the 98 arch. I was not able to draw this arrangement in place due to limitations of AnkerCAD.

BTW: This is a set #4 design.


Alan said...


i built & took pictures, but am out of time so will post later

good puzzle as well as nice construction

Alan said...

much later, pictures

releppes said...

Nice photos.

It's an interesting design. It's clunky, yet it shows the potential of a set #4 given lots of imagination.