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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This set #4 creation has an interesting door. It could be the entrance to a palace, or it could be the home of a person with a large head.

Here's an alternative block arrangement that emphasizes the doorway a little more.


Alan said...

Another wonderful design!

Photos & comments are here.

releppes said...

I'm glad you liked this design. The only thing my diagram didn't show was the placement of the #15R stones. I see from your photo that you must have gotten it right.

I initially had the #4R and #4G stones swapped such that the whole base of the structure was red. I also had the order of the #4 and #19 blocks under the pillars swapped such that the two #19R blocks were directly under the inverted arches. This visual puts more emphasis on the door by framing the door in red. This look makes for a nice alternative for this design.

The reason I put the #4G stones on the bottom was to make reconstruction easier. However, you should try the alternative I mentioned. You may like the look better.

On a side note, I wasn't really happy with this design. Seems no matter what I did, I couldn't make the roof look nice. I wanted something that would compliment the doorway. However, I do like the stairs. It was a nice touch.

Alan said...

I'll give your alternative a try.

After I built & blogged, I realized that I had used #1G stones in top course, but Set 4 doesn't have any #1G stones - apparently those should be pairs of #19G?

Too easy to do things like that when drawing from a larger set without pulling the correct mix for the smaller set before building.

So today was going to pull the Set 4 mix, then build. :)

releppes said...

That's correct! You can see from the front and back images that the front side shows a #19G and the backside shows a #19R. Same block size, but different color when seen from front and back, so it must be a #19G+#19R sandwich.

I'll post the image of my alternative plan. A visual goes so much further than my descriptions ;)

Alan said...

I got the 19R&G pair okay, it was the end blocks on the tier above that tripped me up.

I did rebuild starting with your alternate, but ending a bit differently - confirming yet again that having an actual set, whether by extraction or purchase, beats the heck out of drawing from a larger set as you build.

My version is in an addendum to my original post.