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Friday, March 14, 2008


Here's an example of a Gernegross design based on the h2 Heinzelmannchen design.


Alan said...

You said this would be difficult for clumsy fingers, and you were right, but I did it, and made a couple of modifications to use the rest of the stones.

I think I might have put the 5G equivalents on the 4G counterparts if I had set out to modify it from the beginning.

I did put the paired 19G units vertical instead of horizontal - partly because I think they are little easier to work with that way, partly because that is how I am used to seeing that combination.

releppes said...

And a very nice modification indeed!

I like your usage of the 29G stones.

In my initial design goals (yeah, sometimes I have them), I wanted to keep the structure symmetric. No particular reason. Symmetric designs are easier for me. However, the cross and arches break the symmetry anyways. Saying that, I like your modification.

Great stuff!