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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Constructing a building with the Heinzelmannchen set is difficult due to the lack of roof tiles. Therefore one must rely on imagination. This Heinzelmannchen design doesn't use any #21R blocks, so this structure can be built with a Gernegross set.



Alan said...

Nice. :)

For a photo of a Kleine Gernegroß version, see

releppes said...

You jumped the gun Alan :)

I was going to post the Gernegross version of this structure soon. I only need to complete the hints. The model was done and is in that PDF I sent you a while back.

If you look carefully at the Gernegross models compared to the Heinzelmannchen models, you'll notice that I actually use Gernegross block definitions in AnkerCAD for the Gernegross models. Meaning, I use a #34 stone instead of a #1 stone. You can see the slight difference when you look at the roof tiles.

I mention this as a point that my Gernegross models are actually rendered using the Gernegross block definitions and the Heinzelmannchen models use the correct blocks definitions as well. It's a lot of work to keep track of both, but that's what I do.

releppes said...

Oh, and I called this structure a building because I think it looks like a factory.

Alan said...

A little time has passed, but I did get around to posting a picture of this structure built with the Heinzelmännchen set.