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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Kleine Gernegross/Heinzelmannchen

In addition to set #10, I've also played with a Kleine Gernegross set and a Heinzelmannchen set. These sets are not expansion sets, meaning they're not used as part of a sequence to build a larger set. However, the blocks are compatible.

The Kliene Gernegross set is a miniature version of the Heinzelmannchen set. Other than scale, the only difference between these two sets is some blocks vary in color. The Heinzelmannchen set also contains four extra #21 stones. These stones were added so the Heinzelmannchen set could be packaged using the wooden box of a set #4. Although these two sets are small, in that they do not contain many blocks, I greatly enjoy their simplicity.

Unlike other Anchor Stone sets, these two sets do not come packaged with an instruction book. They do include a small sample sheet of models that could be created, however only a handful of idea's are given. To show the merit of these simple (and most affordable) sets, I've come up with several constructions that can be built.

I hope you enjoy them.


Anonymous said...

Great Blog!!

I have the Kleine Gernegross that I purchased at the factory last year. I did not realize that the Heinzelmannchen had larger stones and fit in the same box as #4. I thought it was the same small stones but a slightly different mix. I have a #4 box, so I will have to make myself a Heinzelmannchen set. I look forward to seeing more of your designs and also building them.

releppes said...

Thank you!

I'll be posting some more Heinzelmannchen and Gernegross designs soon, then I hope to start in on some #6 designs.