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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Where are the #6, #8, and #10 designs?

I do have several #6 designs and a couple of #8 designs to share, but I've not created building plans for them yet. Unlike the Gernegross and Heinzelmannchen designs, the #6 and beyond require layer plans. It's a continual work in progress. I have shared several of these designs with members of the CVA. Some of them have been published in the form of a PDF document. Many are possibly waiting to be published. In the interim, I started this blog as a means to share the designs with everyone.

I have one sheet PDF documents of the Gernegross and Heinzelmannchen designs. If anyone is interested, leave a comment and I'll see about getting the documents hosted.

The model above was constructed from set #8.


NoKas said...

I have just moved up to #6 construction and did find your UE046 Three Churches models. I am planning to build one later this week.

Since you mentioned it could you comment on the benefits of joining CVA?

Also, how did you go about having your models published? Did you have to create the entire document or just submit your AncherCad models?

Thanks, as always. ;-norm

releppes said...

I'm not a member of CVA, so I can't comment on the organization. I know they have a quarterly magazine, but that's about all I know.

I'm strapped for finances, so any money I have will probably go toward a new block set instead of an annual due. In fact, things are so bad, I've had to put off buying my yearly birthday present (I buy one block set a year) until next Christmas. I'm a little bummed about that, but it's OK. I'm grateful for what I have.

So you found the three churches eh? Those were some of the first models I've ever done. There's no formal process of getting models published. If you make something really nice and would like to share it, contact Burkhard Shultz. He's in the link section somewhere. Burkhard has been the driving force behind making those nice pdf documents.

In regards to how I submitted the documents, I sent Burkhard my AnkerCAD files. He works with AnkerCAD, so he'll have no problems working with them. I've also sent George Hardy some of my designs. They've been featured on his blog once or twice. George is mostly interested in JPEG images of photos. I suggest that if you make something nice, take some nice photos and send it to George. He's always looking to feature new works.

NoKas said...

I built one of the churches in your UE046 design document today. Good stuff!!

It's still takes a little trial and error to figure out all of the blocks, even from the layer diagrams -- in this case, the ones supporting the roof blocks. The final product was trim and sturdy.

Thanks. ;-norm