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Friday, March 14, 2008

Where are the #4 designs?

Here's a nice image of set #4 from the manufacturer's home page. If you have set #6, you can build all the set #4 models. This holds true for all the Anchor sets. A higher number set can build all the models of the lower numbered sets. This is nice. So why don't I have any #4 models?

The simple answer is I haven't gotten around to it. I was sent a Heinzelmannchen sample set a while back, so I was encouraged to build Heinzelmannchen models. I'm very grateful for the gift...thank you, thank you, thank you! The same with the Gernegross models. I was sent a Gernegross sample set (bonus gift!). I didn't think there was interest in Gernegross models, but I made them anyway.

Most folks start their Anchor Stone collection at set #6 under the impression that nothing useful could be made from a set #4. Based on my experience with the Heinzelmannchen set, I do not think this is true. In hind sight, I wish I started my collection with a #4 + #4a combination. Jumping into a set #6 was more cost effective, but having the extra storage boxes would have been nice for alternative packing plans. I think there's much more potential to set #4 than what book #4 reveals. Someday, I hope to make some #4 models. I've not had requests to make any, so the sense of necessity isn't there. However, if a set #4 was to show up on my door step, I would surely make it a top priority.

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releppes said...

That set #4 never showed up on my door step, but new models for set #4 I did create (even without the motivation).

Hopefully, the set #6, #8, ... models will show up in time.