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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This Heinzelmannchen design is my attempt at an apartment building.


Alan said...

Photos & modifications - click here.

releppes said...

Excellent photos Alan and nice modifications. It's a challenge to use all the stones in the box.

Alan said...

I hope you didn't take it as criticism or oneupmanship that I went on to use the rest of the blocks.

If anything, I enjoyed the project more as a two-stager than I would have had the plan I was working from been for the ultimate result.

In fact, if your descriptions included block utilization (eg "uses 37 of 42 blocks"), I think I would often choose projects that left something for me.

The Heinzel is great for this since leftover blocks are unlikely to be too weird. Omitted blocks for the 6 are likely to just not belong, and ever more so as you move on to more advanced sets.

Great fun.

Thank you.