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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


This bridge was built with the Gernegross set. An almost identical version of this bridge is seen here.

This model may not need hints, but I created them anyway. I'm practicing on how to make level diagrams. What do you think?



Anonymous said...

Hi; Don is my name, I am 70 and have enjoyed Anker Block for many years. I was forced to sell my collection about five years ago and am now slowly rebuilding my collection. I love your images on your Blog and am always looking to add new art work to my collection. May I inquire as to how your drawings were done? Currently have two complete 4 and 4A to of the miniature sets and the
Heinzelmännchen set on the way to me. Married, one dog no children.
Hope to hear from you.

releppes said...

Hi Don, thanks for stopping by.

All designs on this site were created using AnkerCAD. It's a free CAD package for designing Anchor Stone models. There's a link to AnkerCAD in the links section. However, I recommend going to Burkhard Shultz's home page for the most recent version. You'll want to download the English instructions from his site as well.

I hope you enjoy building these designs. If you run into any trouble, just post a comment and someone is bound to give assistance.

BTW: I do not have any #4 designs at the moment. I posted a message about this and left a hint as to how I could get motivated. Seriously, I do hope to create a few #4 designs, but I'd like to finish documenting all my Gernegross, Heinzelmannchen, #6 and #8 designs first. If you have a strong request for such models, I'll see what I can do.

Alan said...

When I last played with AnkerCAD I got frustrated because it didn't keep track of a stone inventory, so it was too easy to create a design that required a stone or three more than were in the set.

For me, checking with a set didn't help -- I'm afraid once I actually built it with stones, I lost interest in updating the AnkerCAD design to reflect the actual construction. :)

releppes said...

AnkerCAD is pretty easy to use once you get use to how the keyboard and mouse work with rotating the model. It is easy to make mistakes with stone placement and block color. I often get confused and need to go back and make changes.

Alan said...

I have posted a photo of this bridge design (here).

[My issue with AnkerCad was not how it functioned for design, but rather that it did not keep track of which stones or how many.]

releppes said...

Thanks for the photo Alan. It's encouraging to see photos as I think they look much better than my AnkerCAD drawings.

Keeping track of stone inventory is an issue. Even on small designs, I often make mistakes. I've already made corrections to a few designs on this blog.

Andres said...

It really a wonderful block set for kids!! I got two block sets from Child Craft... They are so nice...

releppes said...

Which block set did you buy and how much did you pay? I've purchased Anchor Stones from in the past. Their prices have always been decent, but I've yet to receive an order that wasn't damaged in shipping or containing defective parts. I've made note of said issues, but was never offered compensation of any kind. My next order will most likely be through George Hardy. He doesn't operate as a business, but he'll honor orders.